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Originally Posted by DesertRat
Anyone know if I can qualify for '06 elite status on a combined basis of both my HP and US miles in '05? I have a long UA flight coming up and was thinking of crediting DM with it, on the hopes it might boost me toward a higher status in the ``new'' DM program. .
The HP reps either don't know yet or they aren't saying.
There is an email floating around on one of the posts here and over on the US DM board that says it's "either or" not "and". So you'll get to pick which one. I personally think this would suck and I hope they change their mind, bend the rules or something as I think I'll easily make 100K with both combined (and all my US Airways miles are well after the merger was announced so I flew them instead of someone else when I couldn't get on HP) but separately I'll be lacking the 100K.

Here is the link to the message It's the 3rd post down.

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