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Originally Posted by BackOfTheBus
Wanted to add (in case the original poster is unaware) that you can redeem Delta or Northwest miles (can't combine from the 2 programs though) for travel on either one OR a combination of the 2.
I was indeed unaware -- thanks! How would I go about redeeming this -- make sure the flights have award seats by attempting one-leg reservations, then call an request the specific flight numbers? Certainly the Delta and NWA online systems did not offer multi-carrier itineraries, nor did the SkyMiles agent I spoke with.

Red-eyes are probably out for us due to health issues. I'll take a 5:30 AM, but 11:30 PM just doesn't work.

I've done this same trip, same weekend, basic awards (not sure when saver/choice came into being), as recently as three years ago, making reservations in July or August. It's been my experience that up through the weekend before Thanksgiving, the travel is slow. At least at FSU students generally can't afford to take the whole week off -- too close to finals. Obviously something has changed in the past three years. Maybe with flights full, the peak period is expanding. Or just that the airlines won't allocate a single award seat as long as they think there's any possibility of selling it. Actually I'm noticing that finding SkySavers even 330 days out going to the west coast is really difficult now. Portland ME next month easy peasy; Portland OR next April tough to get.

As for that shopping trip in Mexico ... Ħhola, amigo! ĦOle!

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