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This is a very tricky issue and varies from one agent to another.
Theoreticly, Bulkhead and Exit rows are reserved for people with dissabilities, and very tall people with long legs. Theoreticly, These rows (especialy exit rows) are "airport assign" only seats but often when I ask an agent to assign me an exit row even days before the flight they say that these seats are gone. Being Plat I was never successfull in reserving exit row seats over the phone, and sometimes successfull in the airport 2-3 days before the flights.

On Bulkhead seats it is easier, but still I was once over 1/2 an hour on the phone with a CO agent on the Elite line that refused to assign me my favorite 1L seat on the 777 on the excuse it is reserved for people with dissabilities. I got her to assign me the seat with a remark that it is temporary assignment and if a person with dissabilities demands the seat he will take it. Of course, no one demanded this seat and I got it. On every other occasion I did not have any problem with Bulkhead seats.
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