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Originally Posted by NeverFlyI
I am hoping that someone who works for Independence Air can chime in on the extreme delay of notification for canceled flights...My flight time was not changed, it was canceled. I was notified of a change +/- one hour within a they do have the resources necessary to notify customers of changes on a timely basis, proven by past performance.

Could they be trying to hold money as long as possible to payoff current debt obligations?

Granted it's pure speculation, but why else would they notify customers within a day of an immaterial intenerary change, yet fail to notify the customer for weeks of a cancled flight. Something is not adding up here...
I know that changes in the schedule can be very stressful and un-nerving for some people... but with all due respect, I really think you are reading WAY too much into this.
Since DH sells most of its tickets about a month prior to the day of departure, there were probably just a handful of people displaced for this flight in July, and those seats were probably sold at the lowest fare. The monetary value of holding probably 20 or 30 people's money a few more days or weeks would be practically nothing in the big picture of things... (not to mention the fact that the majority of displaced passengers will rebook on another flight, so the money will stay with DH anyway).
As far as the call center not telling you the truth... they probably told you as much information as they had at their disposal at that time. I don't know the inter-workings of how flights get loaded and cancelled ahead of time, but I would imagine that schedule planning could pull a flight from the reservation system before an official announcement was made to reservations and the passengers... so that no more tickets were sold. You probably called while this was going on, and for all reservations knew there was a glitch in the computer system, or the flight was sold out.
I can understand that you are frustrated, but I believe that FLYI deserves another chance at your business... as other people have mentioned, despite your bad experience FLYI is among the best at customer service in the industry... if you try it I am sure you will like it.
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