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you do not need a car in london, you can adequately get around on the underground and british rail and buses. most londoners rely on this, and it's generally good, occassionally you get a hiccup on the line, but it's good nonetheless. the jubilee and piccadilly lines i've found are the most reliable - the jubilee because it's newer, and piccadily lines because it generally has to be reliable more than others as it goes through to heathrow.


the underground station close to the churchill is marble arch, the next closest is bond st which are on the central line (red). I would suggest you take the underground on the piccadily line and then change through to get to Marble Arch. It shouldn't take you more than about 50 mins on the underground. It is a little trek from terminal 3 to the underground (about a 5-7 min walk). 50 min ride, with a change of lines in central london, and then a 5 min walk from marble arch. you'll need to cart your bags up some stairs upon arrival at marble arch. (just two small flights of about 20 steps each). The cost - buy a day travel card (valid after 930am) for 6 pounds. That will get you free travel throughout the underground for the rest of the day. The fare on it's own I think is about 4.70 or so. So it's worth paying a little more.

alternatively, you could take the heathrow express (30 mins) - correct me if i'm wrong but it's about 15 pounds to paddington station, then you'd need to pay for an underground (about 2-3 pounds) or cab it (cab would cost you about 5-7 pounds if the traffic is ok). So all up expect to be forking out 25 pounds or about 22 pounds per person v. 6 pounds per person. And it will take you just as long or save you about 15 mins. If you're an older, more "conservative traveller" and don't mind the cash and carting bags around stairs, take the heathrow express then cab it from central london, or just cab it from heathrow to town


the underground as stated is just a short, interesting, safe, 5 min walk to Marble arch, or a 10-12 min walk to bond st station.
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