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Andrew Yiu
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This is a joke.... they won't even allow EP to upgrade from any fare. I can't belive it. So what's the difference between flying 35K a year and 100K a year? I am very disappointed, I was expecting (well.. as least hoping) that CP will not match AC's changes.

I am sure that they already have known about the changes when AC made the changes. Forget about all those crap that they don't know what changes are in store for the coming year.

Having increased number of FF is not an excuse to limiting upgrades to high fares. UA probably have 10 times CP's member... they still allow upgrades from any fare for 1Ks.

It's NOT a conincidence that all these changes came after the merger... I am very upset at how we are being pushed around by both CP and AC...

To get a sense of how bad it is, K class used to be either 7 or 14 day advance purchase fare, it's now changes to V(coincidence?). The lowest upgradable fare between YYZ - YVR goes from lowest of 278(web special) to 644 (H or M class)

Maybe we should all write a letter and sent it to CP even though it won't be much help.

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