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The ULTIMATE Qantas Guide

I was having a bit of a quiet afternoon and thinking how I needed to save some more web addresses that I have found in FT Forums that are very useful...and wondering why it has never been done on the QF Forum . Well, some time later I have compiled this list (which is by no means complete, but is a handy start). I'll be updating it further tonight.

Now this list is not mine, it's ours. Please let me know if I have missed any that you find useful, so that I can update it. (I'm wondering just what I am getting myself in for here ).

I will have separate posts for each of the different areas, just in case one post gets too big.

Firstly, if you are new to Flyertalk's Qantas Forum, we speak a slightly different language here than on other forums. as to what all these abbreviations are about...then you need to head to these posts first:

thadocta's For those new to the QF Board thread:
Qantas Forum's newly designed Status Levels & Initials

Now if you're flying QF domestically, have access to the Qantas Club (now better known as the QP) and want to meet any fellow Flyertalkers who might be there, head to the following meeting points where we congregate:

FT Corners - SYD T3, BNE, MEL
FT Corners - ADL, CBR, SYD T2, PER

Now that you've read them (and hopefully understood just how different we really are )...

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