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About to buy Star Alliance RTW, Join DC?

I'm based in Edinburgh, UK

I'm buying a RTW Star Alliance 34000 mile ticket in a weeks time, to leave in a bout 14 days.

I want to get credit for a FF programme. I suppose it's easiest to get one from my home country?

Problem is the online form for BMI DC says I need to have tickets etc.

I saw in a previous post that they will send the card anyway if you are about to travel, although the 2 week processing time is a bit tight.

My question is: can I join the BMI DC if I am not flying with them, but with other star alliance partners?

If not then which FF programme will let me join now, online, even if only flying partner airlines?

Note: I've not worked out the flights yet so I don't know which airlines I'll be on!

Thanks for any help. I'm hoping I've not left it too late.
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