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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ajamieson:
[b]Well that made me choke on my bacon buttie. {/b]</font>
Hope the sandwich has now been sucessfully swallowed! Sorry to have spoiled your afternoon snack

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Yes, it's true. I had an idea they were going to introduce this in November, but it has apparently now been brought forward to May 2.

In typical Donnington Hall fashion the staff haven't actually received the memo about the detail of the changes yet and they haven't even worked out what the points/miles ratios will be. Sounds very well planned as ever
Augh! This is what I was afraid of!

If they end up with the same *A award chart as LH, then they should, by rights, use the same 35:1 transfer rate that Amex use for MR points at the moment. This would appear to keep the award levels roughly constant. If they end up stitching me for the F-Class award I've had my eye on, there will be hell to pay!!

And what about *S/*G qualification? Since most BD flyers are domestic only, moving to an LH-like qualification system would probably empty the DC lounges in a stroke! Currently you get *G with exactly 20 sectors in domestic C/D/Y - however thats only around 4,800 flown miles tops (less for me on MAN-LHR). With a "minimum earning level" of 2000 in C (like LH) you would get 40,000, which is still nothing like the current level for SEN. Unless they use the BA model and keep DC points for status (which they've told me they are not doing) I just cannot see how it's going to work.

aj - do you have any more info on the original proposal you expected in November? Are you due down for Tea and Biccies with Michael in Donnington Hall soon?

Is it too late to cash in my FSTAR1 and go to OW? (Ok, I'll wash my mouth out after that comment.)

Please, someone tell me that this is some high-fever hallucination in the aftermath of my recent return from Hong Kong?! (Cough! Cough!)

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