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Originally Posted by LeSabre74
Yes, just like Wal-mart was a nice, challenging test for Eatons

With Westjet, Jetsgo and Canjet there is no lack of competition in our skies. Why would we invite the Americans in and help destroy Canadian companies. Does anyone really think the Americans will play fair. Hello, remember softwood lumber, pacific salmon treaty talks, bse etc etc?

Milton's embracing of this reminds me of the Yank who came up here to run MacBlo and sold it out to Weyehauser. I don't care if he's now got a Cdn passport or not, has he renounced his US citizenship? Has Brewer?

Somethings are worth preserving and I don't think saving another $10 on a flight is worth selling out my country for.
Bingo! I agree. That's the point exactly. We'll be forced to play by the US's rules and get flattened in the process. I don't mind co-operation, I do mind handing over our sovereignty to the US. We are not an adjunct US state,and that's the way I want it to stay.
Nationality doesn't matter as long as a person can do the job. I don't agree with all those arch-Canadian nationalists who think that Farley Mowat should be running AC, but regardless of what passport RM is carrying, his sympathies will certainly be compromised. And maybe leaning a little towards the US.
I was going to add 'or perceived to be', but I don't believe that. That would be to say that he may have no such leaning, which is something that even I don't believe. And as for Brewer, God knows, but I don't.
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