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Originally Posted by trixievictoria
Blame your airlines they are the ones who are contributing less and less ..and passing the cost on more and more.... But some how, I am sure, TSA will be blamed for this too....HERE....

Do you really think the airlines, already taxed to the gills, should foot the bill for national security - and for measures that many find to be inefficient and ineffective?

"...taxes are "choking the industry to death." He emphasized that airlines face a myriad of charges on passengers, fuel, cargo and security and stressed that airline travel is the highest taxed good or service available.
Airline passengers who buy a single-connection roundtrip ticket for $200 can expect 25.6 percent of their ticket charge to go to the federal government in taxes and fees, according to Woerth. In 1972 and 1992, the taxes represented 7 percent and 15 percent, respectively, of the total ticket fare. A comparable trip for $100 gets taxed a massive 44.2 percent. "The airline industry's tax burden must be reduced," he said."
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