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Originally Posted by fredc84
We are moving at the end of the month and I just set up the new apartment info with Bilt. If I recall, when I did it for our current apartment, I had to use a routing number and account number that Bilt gave me so that I could use the 'rent protect' feature. I didn't see this feature for the new place, but it does have the 'protect' feature when I go to the payment screen and it lists the bank account I want them to use. Does that mean I don't need the Bilt provided routing and account numbers?

The new apartment is part of the Bilt alliance (our current one is not), so maybe that's the difference in setting it up.
Captain*, I’m not familiar with “rent protect”, I did just find the following quotes on the Bilt website.

Based on my understanding of reading the 2 quotes below, the answer to your question is “yes”, if using BiltProtect the money (for rent) will be directly debited from your linked/inputted bank account and will not appear as a Bilt MC charge and will earn points.

Might be advantageous for people who are near their Bilt credit limit or for whom rent payment amount is a large % of their credit limit, not sure of other advantages. Personally I prefer my rent (condo fees) to be debited by the management company, seems that troubleshooting (management company vs WF) would be easier and also allowed me to relatively easily pay a significant assessment (and earn points) by asking the management company to do so. (Full disclosure, I’m still in good part expecting a Bilt shutdown letter.)

(Wiki updated to include link to this post, first I recall discussing BiltProtect.)

(* based on your Public Profile “B737 CA”, personally would prefer to use your Navy rank but that’s unknown, maybe also Captain)

BiltProtect Debit™ (On/Off tab) BiltProtect lets you pay rent without using your credit limit, by pulling the full rent payment directly from a connected bank account (kind of like a debit card).
With the Bilt Mastercard®, you can use BiltProtect and pay rent without using your available credit line and still earn points (1x on rent and up to 100,000 points per calendar year)**. When you submit rent payments with BiltProtect turned on, a withdrawal will be initiated from your linked bank account and money will be transferred to pay your rent through the Bilt Mastercard network. This will be reflected on both your Bilt Mastercard account statement under the BiltProtect Summary, and your Bilt account as two transactions canceling each other out. A BiltProtect ACH transaction is not a credit card transaction and will not affect your Bilt Mastercard account.

When BiltProtect is not on, you may charge your rent directly to your Bilt Mastercard and it will work like any other charge on your credit card. To avoid interest on charges on your card, make sure to pay your full statement balance before the due date each month.
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