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Arrived in on the BA836 a little earlier .. it was on a 400 gate ( the 2nd closest one to the Aer Lingus lounge .. probably gate 410 ? ) .. I wasnt' connecting but coming from there's two 'flight connection' routes it seemed ... one down the 400 pier which you can access before you pass through the one way barrier at the base of the 400 pier , I guess you can't go back that way .. there's one way gates there though they may not be active judging by the pictures above (?) .. if you didn't then there's another flight connections option turning left before passport control on the way back towards the arrival route from the 3xx gates

I took a snap of the BA checkin desks on the way out of the terminal .. it is indeed a bit bizarre .. they're in the middle of T2 ( e.g. not along the Aer lingus bank of desks or the American /Emirates /etc ones on the other side ) and they appear to have converted the old Bureau de Change counter into 4 checkin desks .. quite weird .. still says 'Change.. Cambio .. Geldwechsel .... ' on the side !! I wonder how ( if ? ) it's connected to the baggage belt system ?

Wonder what would happen if you tried to change money there !
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