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Originally Posted by PlungeTEX
My mother came to meet us in DBV on EWR-DBV last night. She was in paid J. The flight was more than 3 hours late due to a mechanical. At the gate they announced that Polaris was oversold by 3. Y and W sold out so rebooking option was the next day. They offered 2500 and then 3000. No one took it. They then said only Y and W could board. Even 1Ks in J were refused. Not sure if there were GS but no J passengers boarded. Offer went to 3500. No takers. She was in the front of the queue and ultimately heard the gate agents scheming that they would call a supervisor to solve the issue by claiming unruly passengers. There had been no unruly behavior. Indeed shortly thereafter as boarding was still held while the entire Y and W cabins had boarded, a couple expressed their irritation that they had paid lots of money for their vacation which was being unnecessarily delayed which was then backed up by an elderly woman. Not aggressive, unruly or physical - an assessment backed up by many other passengers. Sure enough gate agents claimed them to be unruly and offloaded them. The elderly woman’s husband of course refused to fly which explains why the fight went out 32/34. Presumably one of those two was crew rest.

fWIW I rarely post second hand stories. But given it’s my mother, and she was a lifelong frequent traveler during her career and now in retirement who has the context and experience, I trust the facts are accurate.
With absolutely all due respect to your mom, I think she may have misheard. I know the gate agents managing this flight personally, and there is no way they would have done this. I spoke with them multiple times as the flight was boarding, and they were doing their best to make it all work. (if you were in the gate area, you would have seen me. I was discussing the rivalry between HNK Rijeka and Dinamo Zagreb football clubs with some of the former players, which elicited a number of laughs from the paxs.)
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