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Originally Posted by henkybaby
If I have to pick between a fancy PE or simple J on LH, I will pick LH every time. It's a bit dated, sure, but you'll still get a flatbed and proper service.

Or you could take EgyptAir from BRU for less than 1300, but not sure why anyone would want to. New 787 doesn't look half bad, but still not my cup of tea.
Even cheaper than that - Vienna (VIE) to Johannesburg - 1175 EUR / $1268 roundtrip

This is a new fare today and has to be booked by tomorrow.

Why would somebody book this? Your fare probably books into the P fare code which earns nothing with some programs. Aegean won't give you anything anything for your fare, but they will award 150% mileage for this EgyptAir fare.



Even cheaper
Vienna (VIE) to Johannesburg - $1220 or 1131 EUR roundtrip

Crediting to Aegean
16080 Elite Qualifying / Redeemable Miles (Cost per EQM - 7.5871 cents USD / .070 EUR)

Crediting to United
1786 PQP (Cost per PQP - 68.3091 cents USD)
10720 Redeemable


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