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Hi all wanted to give some credit update/insight from my experience since no one has posted about HA in awhile. I used points to book two business class tickets and (as usual) was required to pay the taxes in cash. They were two seats for $25 of taxes each. I was surprised when a week or two later Amex credited me the taxes (since i read somewhere that's against the terms and i wasn't expecting it). This was November 2023. With the end of the year coming up, i was then trying to find new ways to use my remaining credits. I bought a random $49 interisland flight with plans to change the ticket at a later date to a trip i actually want to go on. One week later the $49 credit posted. I also just today bought a HA gift card and despite earlier comments on this forum, it did allow me to pay with amex on the website. I bought the minimum size gift card of $50. Will see if that credit posts, but even if not, ill use the gift card on future travels. I'm trying to think of other ideas, since every time i leave hawaii i fly business so i would not incur incidentals. Hope that helps you guys and good luck
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