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Had a funny one earlier this week on a domestic 4 day trip. While at EWR, I had to pop out to grab some paperwork from the GA just before boarding started. Standing there, literally throwing every combination of the "F" word at the gate agent was a 1K member (or so he claimed) angry about something. I stood there for a second, looked at him, and asked if he was flying to SFO. He confirmed he was. I then turned to the GA and told her to re-accommodate him on another flight, because he WAS not flying with me that day. I honestly thought he was going to punch one of us at that point but to his credit, he simply threw a few F-bombs at us and walked away.

Other than that, it was a smooth trip across the empire. I'm sitting reserve for December, so hopefully, I'll miss the bulk of the holiday craziness.
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