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Originally Posted by dw
… reports this week on Reddit of Bilt accounts with the credit card being shut down for very odd reasons. Data points are not clear but for some reason the accounts (who all claim they were legitimately paying rent via ACH) are being flagged and being asked to provided copies of leases for verification. One poster claims she moved recently and is no longer paying rent via Bilt, another claims her two year lease was rejected because it was not signed within the past year; both accounts were shut down. Another account was shut down because the user was only using the credit card for small charges to meet the 5 transaction minimum per month, and Bilt claimed the “micro transactions” were against the T&Cs. All very odd.
Originally Posted by dw
... Reddit data point… Apparently this month, Bilt sent out their rent check, then flagged the account due to the monthly variations in rent payment and stopped payment on the check, and never told the user. It was only when the check bounced with the landlord that the user contacted Bilt, found out their account had been suspended, …
Originally Posted by Dr Jabadski
Wondering what's considered appropriate (to BILT and to the cardholder) usage of this card for those who only have the card to points-etize rent or condo payments? … Thinking about more frequent higher charges to avoid charges* (no pun intended) of "micro transactions". Thank you. …
Upon research of these concerns I found what I believe to be the reddit threads referred to above along with 2 or 3 other reddit threads on the subject of “Bilt shutdown”, all within the past 1-3 months, including the following quote.
(reddit poster) ... Other than rent, my bilt card became a microtransaction card to meet the transaction requirements. I've been using it for buying stamps at the post office, amazon auto reloads, and laundry. These transactions range from 51 cents to $1.75. No other transactions are made on this card...
On every reddit thread I found and reviewed there's one or more posts from BiltRewards as quoted below.
(biltrewards) Hey there! Please send us a private message with your account information, we will be happy to look into this for you. Bilt does not close accounts for the reasons stated above.

And, for broader community, we continue to reach out to folks who post this and they never follow up which makes it impossible to investigate.
(biltrewards) Hey there! Can you please send us a private message with your Bilt account information? I will be happy to look into this for you.
(biltrewards) Hey there! Please send us a private message with your account information, we will be happy to look into this for you. Bilt does not close accounts for reasons such as moving or changes to your lease and accounts are not cancelled or suspended unless there is indication of potential fraud.
(biltrewards) We are aware of these reddit posts. To be 100% clear, Bilt business and customer usage is totally business as usual and there are no account closures happening (unless there is clear fraud).

We do not see any reports of customer issues in our regular support inbox. And, none of the posters in the reddit threads have actually replied to us and provided us their info to investigate their accounts. It is hard for us to do anything if we users post and then don't actually engage with us to get help (if there is an issue).
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