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Originally Posted by fredc84
What is the typical CL being given with these cards? I'd like to make one (or two) estimated tax payments if I get the 5x sign-up bonus and can probably cover the entire $12,500 that way.
A month ago I got $30K (first ever WF CC, ~200 other CC accounts past 20 years, credit scores ~820-830) and during the month prior to that the only mention (here or elsewhere can’t recall) I saw of an initial CL was also $30K. ​​​​​I kinda thought that was standard.

I did meet the quasi-SUB with tax payments and then sent WF a payment 2-3 days before statement date, didn’t want them reporting 42% credit utilization. Not sure if a Bilt CL is lower than $12.5K one could send a payment immediately upon receipt of the card to allow for higher charges within the first 5 days.

Originally Posted by josephstern
I personally value 2x Bilt much more than even 3x Hilton …
Thank you, me too. I don’t use Lyft that often so it’s not a lot of points and I switched my hotel loyalty to Hyatt a few years ago so my Hilton Lyft points in good part are to keep my (healthy) Hilton balance alive. I may very well change it in the near future.

And of course, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. My Hilton Lyft points invariably post within minutes of completing a Lyft ride, in contrast to my Delta Lyft miles (when that was a thing) which never posted despite linking the accounts several times and a fair amount of time troubleshooting with both Delta and Lyft.

And I remain skeptical of Bilt’s long term (overly generous) survival.


It was discussed above in several different posts (5 links #312, 314, 342, 343, 344), I’m still concerned that Bilt may go “belly up”* or have a severe devaluation in the not too distant future, I plan to maintain a minimal balance in my Bilt rewards account.

(* “Belly up" is an idiomatic expression in American English used to describe a business, organization, or institution that has ceased to exist or gone bankrupt. Of course in the all-male sea-duty Navy of 35 years ago we used a different first word instead of “belly” .)
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