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Originally Posted by notquiteaff
I just went to the r/biltrewards "forum" and looked at recent threads. ….
Thanks again, excellent suggestion.

Originally Posted by notquiteaff
… Sports trivia is definitely not my strong suit, ...
Me too.

Originally Posted by notquiteaff
…Probably not worth … to earn a few more points.
Points and miles are always worth it, even just a few of them, it’s a marathon not a sprint, the longest journey starts with 1 step .

Originally Posted by notquiteaff
…I remember Audience Rewards from back in the day. …
Perfect example of (a minimal number of) points being worth it.

Originally Posted by notquiteaff
… memorizing little factoids that are of zero interest ...
I’m writing as one who’s had to experience WAY more than my fair share of memory testing and who definitely had a method to my madness (of memory and testing), not at all trying to be disrespectful or tell you what you should do. (College, medical school, Navy, residency, board certification, many hours of required online training and testing prior to reserve mobilization, re-certification; seems like I spent my life studying SOMETHING for a test or exam.) I often think that I would not have graduated from medical school if it required more memorization and less recall and if I had not learned taught myself effective study and testing habits.

These trivia answers do not require memorization (remember), they require recall. “Remember” means to keep something in your memory, while “recall” means to access your memory, like the difference between a “fill in the blank” question and a “multiple choice” question. (We had 1 “fill in the blank” exam in first year medical school (bacteriology), the average score was 42%, I got a 37%, no more “fill in the blank” exams after that .) Recall is also more “short term” than memorization which is more likely to become long term memory.

Next month, I’ll find the reddit thread, read though it once or twice for a minute or 2, not specifically trying to memorize (remember) it, then immediately do the Bilt Multiple choice Points Quest questions and try to answer each question as quickly as possible. For a multiple choice question there’s a valid reason the first thought is most likely to be correct. Multiple choice questions are more likely to be answered incorrectly when “overthought” and/or the answer is changed from that originally chosen.

Although both remember and recall fade with age , I should be able to recall and select the correct answers from list, not sure I would be able to regurgitate the correct answers unprompted. If Points Quest was “fill in the blank” I’d still give it a try but I doubt I’d put as much effort toward it due to less likelihood of success.
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