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Originally Posted by notquiteaff
If they offered a significant transfer bonus to Hyatt, wouldn’t they “suffer” an immediate and massive outflow of cash to pay for those points as presumably everyone would drain their Bilt account? I just don’t see that happening.

While 100% to Flying Blue is probably quite nice for those who are familiar with FB, I suspect that the vast majority of Bilt customers has never redeemed a FB award and thus might not jump on it. And 100% to IHG is, uh, still resulting in IHG points.
Excellent points. I had just started fantasizing about a Hyatt bonus, thanks for dashing those hopes against the rocks .

List of Bilt’s Rent Day promotions going back to October 2022 at the bottom of the page here: DEALSPOINTS.

Originally Posted by Dr Jabadski
… Not sure of the significance of Silver status, unlikely that I’m in a “participating properties”, be interesting to see what “Interest earned on points” amounts to….
Originally Posted by progapanda
The interest is miniscule; the one plus of Silver status is that points transfers to partners can be made in 1,000-point increments vs. the Blue tier.
Quotes about Bilt Rewards interest earned on points:
- “Close to zero. It's not worth even thinking about. It's a gimmick. … the interest rate is the published FDIC National Savings Rate. … a weighted average of all rates, from the 4%+ at the most aggressive banks to the 0.01% at the BofAs of the world. … current rate is 0.33%, .. earn a whopping 33 points, PER YEAR for every 10,000 points”
- “earned 6 points last month on 25k points, which is 72 points a year or 29 points per year per 10k points”
-“Practically nothing. I got 8 points on around 33k points this month. Don't bother thinking about it.”

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