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(Considering I’ve been salivating about simple no-cost points-etizing (like monetizing) my condo payments for about 25 years, I see Bilt as a game changer. As a relatively new product which might be of high interest to many members here, there should be comprehensive information about Bilt here. I’ve not seen much of the information below posted previously, and in appreciation of all those who were so gracious and helpful in answering my questions above, I hope it’s helpful.)
Originally Posted by Dr Jabadski
… (So far I’m unimpressed with WF. ...
Originally Posted by Dr Jabadski
Bummer. … it would add salt to the wound to NOT get the offer….
I’m now less UNimpressed and there wasn’t any salt !

Bilt card arrived yesterday. Overall small box, placed in mailbox, no signature required, unique packaging with many dead trees. (No traditional piece of paper with card glued or taped and name/address/last 4-5 of account #, credit limit, etc.) I initially missed the “Activate Your Card” information (inside the slide out part of inner box, top right or lower photo). Metal card, weight ~16 grams (comparisons: AmEx biz plat 18.5 gm, AmEx Gold 15 gm, Chase Sapphire Reserve 13 gm, traditional plastic card 5 gm.)

Called customer service (before seeing printed “Activate…” information) to change closing date, unnecessary as my Bilt closing date serendipitously is my preferred closing date for all credit cards, about 27-28 days after my Bilt approval. I also asked the correct address to mail a payment prior to my first statement closing date as my intention is to meet the SUB minimum with estimated tax payments and even with $20-$40K credit limit I prefer not to have Wells Fargo report 25-50% utilization.

Within a couple of hours of delivery, received a text message and an email, both with “Your Bilt Mastercard has been delivered! As a thank you for being a Bilt Member, we’re excited to offer you 5X points on all of your eligible purchases (excluding rent) for the next 5 days starting Friday, September 08. Terms: This promotional offer is only valid for 5 days from the date this email was sent. During this time you will earn a total of 5 rewards points, (1 base point plus 4 bonus points), per $1 spent on net purchases (purchases minus returns/credits), excluding purchases classified as Rent in the Bilt World Elite Mastercard® Credit Card Rewards Program. Terms and Conditions. The maximum bonus points you can earn with this offer is 50,000, regardless of how much you spend. You must make at least 5 transactions each statement period using your Bilt Mastercard to earn points.” (I see this as essentially a highly time limited SUB: 50K/$10K/5 days.)

As a first time Bilt and WF customer, creating and accessing accounts at Bilt website and mobile app and WF website and mobile app were all straightforward and relatively painless.

Card used last night at gas station and grocery stores, today at payUSAtax. WF website account info shows all charges pending, Bilt website already displays:
SHOPRITE FLYERTALKLAND 09/08/23 33 pts $6.99
GULF OIL 123456 09/08/23 41 pts $8.46
STOP SHOP 1234 09/08/23 37 pts $7.74
PAYUSATAX CONV. FEE NASHVILLE USA 09/09/23 PENDING (no $ or point info)

Waiting to confirm 5x for tax payments to finish SUB minimum spend, still have 6 days to go. I’m confused as to how Bilt calculates “5X points”, rounding off or up or down or before or after multiplying does not produce the numbers (above) that Bilt states. Regardless, I’m a reasonably happy camper. Thanks again to all those who were so helpful.

(Now if I could just learn a simple no-cost way to points-etize buying or leasing or lease buy-outing a car I’d be an exceptionally happy points-and-miles camper .)

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