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A disturbing Reddit data point from this afternoon- someone said their rent fluctuates every month because the building's utilities are not individually metered, so the landlord splits the actual costs between the tenants each month. The variations were less than $100 each month.

Apparently this month, Bilt sent out their rent check, then flagged the account due to the monthly variations in rent payment and stopped payment on the check, and never told the user. It was only when the check bounced with the landlord that the user contacted Bilt, found out their account had been suspended, and was requested to submit a copy of their lease for review, which could take 3 weeks.

This is particularly concerning, because it says to me that there are things going on behind the scenes at Bilt that are driving them to this type of action, and also they're clearly under water when it comes to customer service. How could you suspend a user and stop payment on their rent check without even telling them???
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