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Thank you all for replies to my questions above. It’s Sept 1st, tax payment(s) due in 15 days.

Just applied for a Bilt MC. First questions were email address and password, then a typical credit card application. Upon clicking “Submit” (on Chrome), I saw a “Something went wrong” message (as below). Opened Edge to apply again, clicked on “Apply”, saw my account information (as below). Clicking on the 3 dot menu (upper right corner) of account page and then “Bilt Mastercard” takes me to the application landing page, clicking on “Apply” again (in both Chrome and Edge) briefly appears to be loading the application but stops at the same “Something went wrong” message.

Of course the only “contact us” method is online ticket submission which I completed but my expectations (for a timely reply) are minimal, prefer a recon call.

Does the account information imply that my credit card application was approved? Or only that I have a Bilt account? Is it possible to have a Bilt account without having a Bilt credit card? Is the only way I’ll know is to wait a week and see if I receive a card? (Seems that I do have a Bilt Rewards account, cannot find any Bilt credit card information.) Anyone have a customer service Bilt phone number?

Thanks again.

Addendum: 20 minutes after application I received an email which I saw an hour after application: Subject: “Finish your application and make rent rewarding”, email included “Next up: finish up your card application” and a link to “Complete application”. Clicking on that link takes me to the same account page as the image below and the same results when clicking on the various links on that page. Very frustrating, not a good first impression.

Addendum 2: Two hours later called (Googles searched) customer service, was told to submit a ticket. Tried to apply again via incognito window, requires login to Bilt account, clicking on Mastercard link results in same "Something went wrong" message.

(So far I’m unimpressed with WF. They open millions of illegitimate accounts without telling those customers and at the same time make it impossible for a highly motivated customer to open a legitimate account.)

Addendum 3, 9/5/23: (4 days ago, online “contact us” submission): “Just applied for a Bilt MC. Upon clicking “Submit” (on Chrome), I saw a “Something went wrong” message (as attached). Opened Edge to apply again, clicked on “Apply”, saw my account information (as attached). Please tell me the status of my CREDIT CARD application. Thank you.”

(4 days ago, their email reply): “Thanks for reaching out! I'll have to escalate this to our specialist team for further review. Hang tight while we look into this for you. I'll follow up with you again as soon as I have an update.”

(2 days ago, my email): “Thank you. It’s now 2 days later and I received an email this morning stating” STILL THINKING IT OVER? You’re just a few clicks away from being able to earn points by paying rent.1 FINISH APPLYING” (with “FINISH APPLYING” being a clickable link). Upon clicking, I’m brought to my Bilt account info page with no way to finish applying or reapply for a Bilt Mastercard. Please advise.”

(today, their email reply): “Your credit card application has been successfully reset, and you can now try applying again at your convenience. In order to do so please log into your account go to the 'Wallet' tab and then hit apply now.”

Logged in, applied, instant approval, $xx,xxx (20K-40K) credit limit.

Thanks again for all the replies on this thread.

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