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11. SVQ-CDG Business (Z) AF1547(A5)

It's not really the fault of Hop! that this flight was an overbooked mess, but it was really something that Air France revenue management should have done a better job of managing. As a result, I had to shift seats to accommodate a dame and her kid and ended up beside some jock who wouldn't move his cans of soda and electronic rubbish off the neighbouring seat so I could sit down (I quickly took care of that and saved the FAs from a difficult task, no more to say). Then, the same dame with her noisy kid was instructed to take said kid on her lap so that one of two deadheading cabin crew members could sit down. The other crew member ended up on the jumpseat in the cockpit, which required a hammer and chisel in order for it to be erected, totally blocking the cockpit door. I think that Air France - hah, I mean Hop! - pushed the safety rules a bit in order that this flight could get out, albeit with 35 minutes delay.

Seville airport is unusually attractive landside

The lounge in Seville is good and it's definitely worth going a bit early to spend some time there

I found the food options to be more than adequate

Onboard service was nothing special and took ages to get started. Was I an upgrade, the cabin crew member asked me? I said "no", but couldn't quite bring myself to say that the ticket in business class cost me only 14 Euro cents once all vouchers and cashback were factored in! In the end, there was enough catering for everyone, a salad of couscous (it looked like Ebly to me) with cold chicken in a curry sauce, along with a small cheese plate and some sort of chocolate desert resembling a profiterole. Not bad, but far from the gastronomic possibilities that a country like France has to offer. After that initial service delivery, the crew disappeared towards the rear of the plane to serve the economy class passengers, only to reappear when we commenced our descent. This was a flight that got me from A to B, nothing more. I have had better flights with Air France operated by Hop! and the whole situation with the overbooked cabin was badly handled.

Prior to boarding the Air France operated by Hop! flight at Seville

I managed to snap this shot of row 1 before the plane filled up like a sardine can

Inflight catering Seville to Paris in business class

Disembarking at Terminal 2G at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

Rating 6*
Seat 1F - 1C
Aircraft E90
Registration F-HBLQ

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