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Did a bit of a lounge safari yesterday in between BA flights. I started just after midday, so lunch options looked at.
I started in AA (first), where bubbles options were Moet, normal or pink. I did have a look at the A la carte options, but didn't fancy anything, nor was the hot buffet appealing for me- pork ribs, pasta, corn cobs, parmentier potatoes, veggie stew. The cold buffet 'picky bits' were more my thing.Overall, (my first visit here) i thought the lounge was light and airy if furniture (seats) a little 90's in part.

Onto QF - only upstairs open, and it was very quiet as presumably no QF lights scheduled for a while. A Small buffet selection was avaialable - If I had been expecting to use as main lounge, i would have been disappointed.

Onwards to CX. As a OWE I was directed to first lounge, but i also popped into business section to compare. Furnishings are similar, although a much larger section in business. If eating, the buffet in business is much more extensive, but first has al la carte dining. Nice champers in first. I have used this in the past to dine, but today it was just nice to sit looking out over the apron with a glass of fizz.

Finally onto BA Flounge. The furniture has been refreshed since last here (nov 22) and part of it is now a 'concorde' area. Pink champers now available but (in my opinion) its poor in comparison to the Lanson. Although many may disagree, i think BA actually has one of the better buffet offerings, pies now replaced by summer savoury tarts. Plus Jude's ice cream freezers in place.

Which would I visit again? AA, CX and BA. QF disappointed me, but maybe just the time of day i was there.
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