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Originally Posted by mrwise
Did you receive a confirmation from or BAAH stating that you will receive x number of miles after stay completion? If you didn't, then you won't get anything. Something like this happened to me as well. In my case, for some reason although I started booking on BAAH, I somehow ended up on and clicked confirm there. Only then did I realize that I would not receive anything as I hadn't completed the purchase on BAAH, and it was a non-refundable reservation. I think this was because a) I was distracted, and b) I had clicked on a checkbox stating that this was a work trip, which it was. Maybe this routed me to, I'm not sure.
I have seen take over my search when switching from the map view back to list view. (The list of rates turns a light shade of blue instead of green..." blue" and very noticeable).

I've also seen it stay on BAAH when switching back from the map view to list view, but with different (lower) earning rates populate then were on the first search or map, for the same hotel I was looking at.

It's definitely very glitchy but I don't know if these misbehaviors are by design or not. But yeah if you unknowingly complete your booking somehow on but started on BAAH, Then yes I suspect no miles ever. All my confirmations from BAAH say "you will earn this many miles" and I always have.
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