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Originally Posted by Eiddetham
Just want to add a dp to everyone still having the dreaded "Sorry. We're unable to complete this transaction. Please contact us at [email protected] or call (773) 257-7680 or internationally at (855) 355-7625." with Rocketmiles and similar issue with Bookaahotels:

As some have suggested, I tried emailing [email protected] and seeing if they can somehow "clear" my account. They actually emailed me back pretty quickly and said that "
We have identified the error message on your account, and the issue has been resolved." By this point I was skeptical since I had tried so many solutions to no avail, so I didn't even attempt to make a booking until just the other day...and it worked!

So I would highly suggest emailing
[email protected] if you're still having an issue. Seems like some some accounts get flagged for some reason?

Given how many people are having this issue, I wonder if this should go on the wiki? I have not tried with bookaahotels yet, but may do so next for science.

EDIT: I just successfully made a booking with bookaahotels, so it seems like the systems are tied together somehow. So if your account is flagged, it is flagged for both platforms.

So I did email this email, but just got an empty auto-reply email back. Now when I tried booking at Rocketmiles it does go through. So I guess either this email or me contacting them earlier helped get it fixed for Rocketmiles. Thanks!

However, I did try also booking with bookaahotels before Rocketmiles and that did not work. So for whatever reason I'm still blocked from booking on bookaahotels but my rocketmiles booking did succeed. A little annoying since bookaahotels was a little cheaper but not by a significant enough amount to stress about.
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