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Originally Posted by wwrjb
WOAH! Thank you! Like magic, #3 worked. I had previously been filling out all the optional information on address, but only including zipcode and street address (required) worked. It took a while for the transaction to go through but it processed.

FYI for others if they encounter this issue, when on the call (twice) with RM, I believe they tried #2 to "reset" my account but to no avail, so sounds like it was something with their card processing.
If you fill out the address, it sends more information than is needed to actually process the payment. What they send is malformed - it isnít what you entered. That malformed response doesnít match your actual info, so it induces a failed payment.

They were supposed to have fixed it but it seems to pop back up every few months, which makes me think that, not RM, really needs to be made aware of the issue - this only started post acquisition.
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