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Permanently suspended (unfairly) - what can I do?

Mid November I was flying back to Europe in a state of panic and emergency, to be at the side of a very close friend who's 33 year old wife, had unexpectedly suffered a severe complication during childbirth (she eventually very tragically died 7 days after giving birth, leaving behind a whole family of young orphans).

Due to the panic and stress I mistakenly returned my Hertz car to Avis.

I only found this out when Hertz emailed me that the car is overdue, I explained the situation to Hertz, they were first sceptical of my story as Avis usually hands the car over within a few hours (these mistakes are very common). I personally drove to JFK 2 weeks later tried searching for the car in the Avis parking lot with no result,.
After 4 weeks Hertz emailed me that the car had been located at the Avis maintenance garage.

Hertz kindly offered me their condolences and wrote that they will not be charging me for the extra days, (very decent company it seemed).

Last Friday I landed at EWR, my name was on the screen, I collected my car from the president circle lane and headed to the exit. At the exit I was told I could not exit as I had been PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED for returning a car late.

Although shocked I assumed this was a mistake, I emailed Hertz gave the full story, I mentioned that Hertz understood the situation and hadn't charged me for all the extra days, I even included a picture of the mother lying in coma with the baby on her, I was sure this was auto triggered by the system and would be solved swiftly including an apology.

To my dismay Hertz are refusing to back down, my pleas that I am a loyal president circle member, that only under extreme circumstances and state of mind made a minor error when returning the car, seem to be falling on deaf ears.

I fell very hurt and treated inhumanely!
Any ideas what I can do to solve this?
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