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Pictures of the clearly marked "secret" stairwell to the LAX Alaska Lounge

Originally Posted by econ
Another one for me is where there is no publicly available route to the lounge entrance other than an elevator.

Doesn't apply of course to the lounge at SAN, but the LAX AL comes to mind as one of these, although I recall reading somewhere on FT about a back door method.
Originally Posted by samosa
literally across the way, but not intuitive.
Originally Posted by navydevildoc
I use the stairwell all the time. Once you know where the door is, it's easy to use.
Originally Posted by econ
Will be on the lookout for said door next time I'm passing through there!
Originally Posted by navydevildoc
To help explain it, the stairwell is behind the wall of the checkin desk in the lounge, you pop out on the right side facing the same way as the agents. Imagine that in relation to the elevator when you are on the concourse. Sadly there is no google interior views of T6 to reference.

Elevator to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. This is opposite the Alaska Lounge Elevator past the Escalators down to the terminal connection tunnels.

The elevator for the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge does not exit directly into the lounge as does the AL elevator. It opens up into a corridor and the entrance to the Maple Leaf Lounge is on your right immediately after stepping off.

The door leading to the stairwell is seen to the left of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge elevator between the monitors.

Level 4, as marked, gives access to the Alaska Lounge & the Air Canada Lounge. At the top of the stairwell, you pass through another door into a corridor. Turn left for the Air Canada Lounge, right for the Alaska Lounge.

From the stairwell turn left for the Air Canada Lounge & Elevator to departures.

For the Alaska Lounge, turn right and follow the curved corridor.

Ring bell to gain access to the Alaska Lounge. If you are familiar with the Alaska elevator, this is the door to the right behind the check-in desk when you step off.

Door to stairwell. Exit the Alaska Lounge through the door to the right of the check-in counter. Follow the corridor towards the Air Canada Lounge/Elevator. Enter the stairwell via door on your left.

Exiting the stairwell at the departures level, you see the Air Canada Lounge elevator.

Terminal connections T8 to TBIT.

My last EQM flight of the year, #82, was on AA from T5 today. I took the opportunity to "demystify" the "not so secret" secret stairway to the Alaska Lounge. If you have bags, you can use the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge to access the corridor as well.


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