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I am curious to see how this new Flagship Suite percolates through the fleet, and the knock on effects of rationalization....
  • 777-200 fleet is LONG in the tooth, anywhere from a 1999 fleet entry to 2006.... I think the average age is like 19 years old. And most frames have a J product that was installed in the last 5 years. Is AA planning to ride these frames into the sunset with the current J product? I don't see them doing a J overhaul with not a lot of time left on the useful lifespan of that fleet.
  • Which begs the question.... is the 787-8 + 787-9 fleet supposed to be THE replacement for 777-200's.... 47 772's on hand, and 40 787's between the two variants on order at present, mostly the larger 787-9 which is the closest seat count to 772.
  • I could see AA picking up some used 77W's to supplement that fleet and boost their cargo abilities as well as have enough premium capacity on select routes.
  • But then again, the A321XLR is supposed to be the long-thin INTL route swiss-army-knife..... Are they thinking that frame will pickup the INTL slack where 772's were previously underutilized? And then move the excess wide bodies to routes where the cargo is profitable?
A lot of moving parts in the years to come!
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