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Basically every year I use my Amex credit to buy 5 certificates. I've been fortunate to have great success over the years with upgrading companions, so I usually got the value from the certificates. On the date they made the announcement, I had 11 purchased upgrades in my account, not including those given after flying the EQM requirement.

I wrote about this in a different thread last week, but here is my experience with this:
  • I submitted a refund request and sent an email to AAdvantage CS requesting a refund of the 5 certificates ($200) I purchased in January 2022 using my Amex credit on March 1.
  • I received a refund for one of the certificates on March 2 ($40) back to my Amex.
  • AA CS got back to me via email on 3/30 saying they were not refundable and I would be getting loyalty points for each of my upgrades. I pushed back on the refund (and explained how I got a credit for one of them) and the agent agreed to submit a manual refund exception.
  • An Executive Liaison called me last week to review the situation with me. I essentially said that if you were able to refund one, you should be able to refund all. He said he wasn't sure how that refund got approved, and it was probably a system error. He said he couldn't refund me, but he said he wanted to "make things right with me". I was expecting a voucher of some sorts, but the agent offered me 5,000 miles each for all the certificates I had purchased that were in my account (not those that I was awarded by flying EQMs), including for the one that was erroneously refunded.
So I walked away with 55k. I was more than pleased with the situation, and I was under the impression that this was an offer that was being given to the masses given how when I exclaimed my surprise at the offer, he said something like "yeah a lot of people are shocked, too".

I'm under the impression this offer is for purchased upgrades only, as he left my EQM-earned upgrades in my account intact.
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