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Originally Posted by Zorak View Post
I just scoped it out on Google Maps Streetview and I'm fairly confident it's possible -- will give it a try the next time I have some time to kill, unless someone else adventurous beats me to it (and until then would echo the general recommendation that people not try this)
OK, due to transit timing I arrived at SFO this afternoon with a fair bit of time to spare before my flight, so I gave this a whirl.

While in most cases AirTrain is still probably going to be the most convenient, if you ever find yourself wanting or needing to walk, it's super easy

I wonder if some of the paving is new, maybe was incomplete before when others tried it and that is why they thought it was so difficult.

In the photos below, from the "Bus Courtyard A" photo of the exterior door, to being in the elevator of the Grand Hyatt, was all of 6 minutes. I am a fast walker (though was not going at top pace) and only had a backpack, so call it 10-12 minutes esp if you have a rollaboard (the sidewalk is wide enough to accommodate most normal sizes), plus whatever time it takes you to get to/from the A terminal.

From the International Terminal, take the escalators down to Level 1 for Courtyard A (one level down from this sign):

At the bottom of the escalator, do a u-turn to see this sign. Head down the hallway and turn right as if you were following the instructions for samTrans/Charter Buses. (The do-not-enter fences you see are marking off stored equipment, the hallway is totally open)

As an alternative to the escalators, you can take the elevator from International A down to Courtyard Level:

Either way you will now be looking at this door. You basically go out this door and walk straight ahead until you see the Grand Hyatt. It's almost impossible to miss.

There are signs along the way to mark the path. The A apron is to your left if you want to do some planespotting (dunno if security will hassle you if you linger too long)

Walk through the garage:

Aside: if for some reason you are coming from the garage itself, there's a sign there as well

This is the only area where you need to be careful. This is the McDonnell Rd. crossing (not the 101 offramp). There are pedestrian crossing buttons, although I couldn't make out the walk sign (dunno if due to glare or malfunction). In any case at this hour it was a 4-way flashing red. Still, keep an eye out for traffic just in case (there was very little when I crossed)

and then you're there! The entrance is ahead under the covered area. This is also the area for valet parking dropoff/pickup, and the attendants on duty told me the entrance is open 24/7 and there is always someone there.

The elevator takes you up to the back of the lobby on the 4th floor.

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