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Originally Posted by ReinaDeLaSelva View Post
Hola... I received a survey a few days before. It was an AmEx survey but it asked directly about the reward program ie Bonvoy.

I let them know my feelings on this card. It used to be great muchachos you remember in the past when this card was the AmEx Starwood card and the rewards were juicy and useful. Now it is opposite. Completely. I told Am Ex why...porque they have Bonvoyed their own card by following Marriott down the rabbit hole. I use any other biz card like Citi AA or Chase MP in preference to Bonvoy for all categories of purchases because I cannot even see any category where Bonvoy rewards are comparable with the offerings of these other cards.

AmEx Bonvoy Biz offers such thin benefits and the reward program is so bad that I will close it at the next renewal. After ten years and several million $ in spend. Si... it is their choice to destroy the rewards program and mine to remove this card and program from my life. I cannot believe I am the only one with a similar story considering what I hear on the road and on the internet from lots of travelers.
Your not the only one... Except I already cancelled mine 2 years ago

I've switched to CSR. I do miss spending milestone bonuses at Amex but CSR is a better card. I've opened up business and various personal to get opening bonuses and transfer mostly to Hyatt

The Chase ecosystem is excellent and I still have 175,000 bonus points arriving soon
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