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WVs with the best and worst views (Rangali Island)

*** This is an update to my post in 2016 in which the pics became unavailable due to the external host going bust. Reposting with pics now hosted by this site so they should remain indefinitely ***

301 to 312 are out of the question as they are looking across the lagoon and facing the main island, the Spa Retreat and the GWVs. There is also pretty much no marine life to speak of on this side and zero coral.

For the best WV, 330 would theoretically be the #1 choice but there's not really much difference between corner WVs on that side as almost all of them have good, unobstructed views.

Check out the pics I've edited below to get a clearer picture. (You may need to right click - 'View Image' to view images in full width)

And from another, better angle.

The exceptions would be with the 325 / 326 / 327 group as those three are at an angle. It's a little hard to tell with 100% certainty from the pics I have but my gut feeling is you should be OK if you are in the living room or standing at the sliding doors that open to the deck because the privacy walls are pretty long in the WVs (longer than they are in the SWVs & DWVs for example) and you shouldn't see anything but lagoon and ocean. However.....
* There's a good chance you'd catch a glimpse of 328 and / or the Over Water Spa if you were say in the middle of the deck (on the deck chairs) but you'd see less and less of 328 and the OWS from the decks of each of the three villas as you moved away from 328 and the OWS, i.e; you'd see less as you moved from villa to villa in a northerly direction from 327 to 326 and then to 325. I guess that in 325 you wouldn't see them from the deck chairs.
* Sitting in any of the pools however in that group of three and you will most definitely see 328 and the OWS, or most definitely at least the OWS will be in view, so avoid this group if possible.

Update: Confirmation of the above. Here is the view from 327, which could subjectively be said to have the 'worst' view. The last photo was taken from the edge of the deck looking toward the spa. You can click on the images to see larger photos. (Images courtesy of Majuki)

And here from 330. (Images courtesy of lincoln boy)

Having said that, there's the issue of privacy walls that are angled inward and make the view of the ocean narrower than it should be. See the following pic for an example (Images courtesy of rvlcr)

Most WVs have the walls angled inward. Conversely, there are a few which have them angled outward with considerably wider views of the ocean. See the following pic for an example

According to FT member rvlcr, the following WVs have the walls angled outward
Originally Posted by rvlcr
After having a glimpse at your pictures, some youtube videos and google maps ive identified that the rooms that have the least intrusive barriers are 329, 326, 323 and 320.
Since 326 is not in an ideal position (see above), and 301 through 312 don't have unobstructed views, 320, 323 and 329 would be the best options.

And finally, this is a nice picture from TA that shows the view of the deck and ocean from the sliding doors of a (standard) WV. Click here to view.

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