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L1705, that really depends on destination doesn't it? I am misquoting nothing. Fact is that generally the tanks are full when flying the midhaul routes, no one doubts that. And I am sure that in regular ideal circumstances that all is well with that, however what we are talking about here are less than ideal circumstances, you know the things that happen often. How about that IST,LCA,DME, ATH flight that spends an extra hour at the gate with a full load, or spends an extra hour in the air for the same reason coming from London and has a lot of lav traffic? What do they do then when there is little or no water for the return trip from DME, as it was your example? They fill it. That is what they do. Someone, be it the station manager, the country manager the Captain or otherwise, mutters under their breath, "I'm going to get hell for this" and signs it off.

Ejetter, please share with us the extensive list then.

What I find amazing is how apologetic some are here about the fact that BA is doing what no other airline is doing, which is charging for decent water. I mean seriously, this thread was revived because "LH is following BA's lead" with BoB, yet LH is still going to provide complimentary water, and incidentally LH has a MUCH MORE ROBUST system of checking water tanks on planes, one that is publicly listed (partnership with TUV for many years involving actual laboratories, not just some litmus strip that someone dunks in a tank a couple of times a year) yet even with that, LH is still giving away proper water, why because they know and acknowledge that drinking tank water is not a good idea.
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