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Ejetter. Which part of what I wrote do you have the problem with or are doubting? The size of the tanks? The amount apportioned to toilets vs. "potable". How often they are in fact inspected? All of that is PUBLIC INFORMATION! You are welcome to research it from literally dozens of sites around the internet. As for E-coli and the like, here are some references just from FT, starting with the T-wiz survey that I mentioned earlier, you can go and find the subsequent WSJ article which paints the situation even worse:
WSJ: How Safe is Airline Water? A story initiated by our youngest FTer, here are a few others for you:
https://www.flyertalk.com/the-tarmac...s-it-safe.html, and from just last year

In fact these are such basic facts that they really are not to be questioned. As L1705 has helpfully pointed out, this does in fact often occur on what he correctly describes as "mid haul" but which BA services with a SHORT HAUL aircraft. To add more to what L1705 speaks about, what happens if the tanks are dry or at under 10% for the return from such a place where you are "unable to uplift" water? Well what happens in fact is that they DO uplift water, from the ground handling agent and it all the "directives" go out the window.

Also let's all please be honest, the ban on "uplift" had NOTHING to do with water, it was a Cruz era cheapness thing to do away with ground handling. How many times have I been in Club short haul, in the first row and asked for something exotic, like A COKE, and been told, "sorry sir, we have run out"......and then when I dig, get the excuse that, "on the flight out from LHR we served a lot of Coke and we are not able to upload anything at XXX"

Ejetter, so you are saying that before BoB, the tank water was safe? Then was it then very strongly stated NOT to ever drink the tank water? A LOT can happen to any tank of water in the THREE MONTHS between inspections (hell, at the moment it could be 6,9 or 12 months as it has to do with cycles and flight hours, not strictly time, and many of these aircraft have seen few cycles or hours since March). Other than have a "no uplift policy from some airports" (which in fact was due to other things, not water), BA has done nothing to change its water rules, servicing, etc since about 2004.

L1705, I have seen such situations many times flying TO IST and DME, forget about the return. I mean seriously, an airline that doesn't load 50kg of water for the toilets, and which until about 2 years ago was setting the air exchange to the lowest possible settings for a the previous few years is one that Cruz took to the edge not just in cheapness, but in public safety and the welfare of its passengers. Until about 2 years ago, ever feel short of breath or a bit dizzy on a BA s/h aircraft, even if you had not until about 5 years ago, and not experience it on any other airline? That's why) Honestly L1705, do you drink the tank water? Do any crew members that you speak with drink the tank water (Not Tea or Coffee but water). Every single BA crew member that I have seen drinking water in teh galley is either drinking bottled water (generally from Club) or from tehir own water bottle thing that they have carried onboard. I have NEVER EVER met any member of any air crew anywhere in the World that does.
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