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I am very happy to hear that the water trucks used at LHR are maintained and cleaned regularly, I expected nothing less. That unfortunately has little or nothing to do with this however. There is much written on this forum and others, but in essence an A320, which for the most part is what we are speaking about here has a 200 lt water tank that services everything, toilet, sink, coffee, tea, etc. Depending on the load and time/distance about 75% of this is reserved for waste and basins. So you are talking about 25% for for "drinking" whether coffee, tea or drinking water. And I am not even going into the fact that at times BA as a "cost saving measure" has been known to have flights go out with half empty tanks. So forgetting hygiene, which I will get into in a moment, we are talking about a maximum of 50lt of drinking water for 180 passengers, and it is always less, for flights up to 6 hours now.
The only time Iíve heard of an aircraft running out of water (or when Iíve experienced it myself) is either a defect or the midhaul A321s on a Moscow and back because the tanks are relatively small and we arenít allowed to uplift water there. Maybe youíve experienced it more often? But in my experience, itís extremely rare to get even close to running out.

It is a cost saving measure to not fill the tanks full, but only because it wonít be used. It saves fuel mainly as thereís less unnecessary weight. I donít believe any of these flights have run out
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