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Originally Posted by estnet
Thanks for the prompt response - I was also thinking of taking air asia - quite a cost saving (a bit more hassle) - but don't know if I trust the safety of an airling that will sell me a ticket for 19 rin Has anyone experience with them?
AirAsia's safety is fine, in my experience. They know that a safety snafu would spell death to their business, so there is really nothing to be concerned with regarding their training or maintenance. I've flown with them a number of times and I've never once been concerned about safety or piloting -- and I'm a pilot myself, so I figure I would notice if something seemed out of sorts.

That said, if you fly AK you will only get from KUL-JHB, not SIN. You would have to take ground transportation from Senai Airport to Singapore. May not be worth the hassle considering that SQ or MH are still somewhat affordable on the KUL-SIN route, at least in USD.
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