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Originally Posted by emcampbe View Post
I’m not as much of a fare expert as others on here, but looks to me like the economy option is full fare, vs. the business which books into the ‘somewhat’ discount D bucket. There is no economy fares left on the domestic segment, so this is probably the best attempt to put you into economy where possible, and it probably doesn’t combine with the D fare, so put you into C on the domestic segment, which can only combine with a Y in economy. Meanwhile, there is a through D fare in Polaris, which is probably generally going to be even cheaper than a straight Y fare anyway. Cant see the fare rules, but the C/Y fare is probably more flexible (like fully refundable, or refundable with a fee) than the D fare which is probably non-refundable and has a change/cancel fee (this is international, so change fees will still apply on most types of fares).

Just a guess, but if you were actually booking this, and didn’t want to splurge for D on the international segment, it might be cheaper to stay in economy by booking this as multi-city, where you might be able to get the discount F fare on the CLE-IAH, and then book into a discount fare class on the international segment.

edit: after looking and thinking a little more, change fees are waived until the end of the year, so there wouldn’t be a change fee on the D fare, but refundability difference still stands, and change fee comment still applies if this trip was next year. Also, there is a much cheaper economy option of $760 W fare departing CLE in the afternoon that day, but it’s < 90 minute layover.
Without a Polaris lounge available, I'd take the <90 minute layover, especially compared to a nearly 12 hour layover...but nonetheless. Since whatever I do wind up booking will likely have to be refundable for...reasons...this was more of a "what do UA's flight schedules look like" exercise. Hadn't thought about combinability C to Y which would make sense (is D not combinable with anything in back, or is this just a case of both are only combinable with Y and C+Y cheaper than D+Y?

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Without doing any extensive research --

I think the "lowest" "economy" fare is actually (as you are seeing) CLE-IAH (C) + IAH-GRU (Y). Whereas the Business fare is properly a through-fare for CLE-GRU (D). It appears that CLE-IAH is pretty close to sold out in economy that day at that time, which forces combination with an expensive IAH-GRU economy fare.
Yeah, looks like it's 0 in Y and 1 in F at the moment which is slightly odd but based on how full all of my flights out of CLE have been recently and how few flights they are (compared to better days) isn't too surprising.

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All I see is PZ and IN greater than 1 on the long haul
Yeah, looks like PZ and IN to/from Brazil is pretty much wide open on most of the options something I am not at all used to seeing and making me seriously contemplate booking Y and burning PPs for this trip
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