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Originally Posted by geepmaley View Post
Is it possible to join a TEAMS call in flight? I didn't see anything either way and see that they allow streaming services so would assume it is OK?
Well, first, there is this:
Originally Posted by JJeffrey View Post
No. Phone calls are not allowed inflight. And let's save the pedantic exercise of whether a Teams or Zoom call could technically be considered a phone call or not.
Originally Posted by cmd320 View Post
FA will likely immediately ask you to end said call.
Two-way voice conversations from the air to the ground are not permissible.
So, NO.

Also, REGARDLESS of what the rules are, how dare you?
I assume you will be wearing headphones, which will make you unaware of how loud you can be, so you will be screaming out of your lungs whatever you have to say in your conference call disturbing the whole plane with your conversation?for an hour or more?
Originally Posted by enviroian View Post
Please don't be that guy.
P.S. If you are only calling in to listen and not say a word, I guess that would be ok (etiquette wise, not sure about AA rules).
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