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Asia Miles extension -- does redeeming and canceling "reset" the expiry clock?

Hi gang -- just realized I've 100,000 AM expiring in January 2021. Don't expect to be on a plane between now and Jan 2021, so I'm thinking of ways to keep my miles alive (nope, I don't want to redeem my AM for swag).

Been reading about CX's current offer of free, unlimited changes to tickets. Was thinking of making a random long-haul booking for up to 100,000 AM, issuing the ticket, then cancelling it.

Questions if I go down this path:
1) If I redeem, issue the ticket, and then cancel, do the 100k AM go right back into my account?
2) Does the "extension clock" on my 100k AM reset? What does it reset to?
3) Do I need to actually issue the ticket, then cancel it for this to work? Or can I just make a redemption booking, then cancel that booking?

In short, am thinking if this the best way to keep AM miles alive -- group opinions or alternative ideas most welcome
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