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Upgrading my Travel Gear

I needed to upgrade my Travel Gear during these slow times. With COVID I did all my research and purchases online. I am pleased with the Travelpro suitcase and other items. So I started out my shopping week with the Travelpro Versapak Crew 22" Suitcase from Luggage) this store has excellent customer service and has been around for 70 years and works directly with Travelpro. They have other brands as well. For $173 I got the TravelPro Crew 23" Versapak Case
TravelPro Versapak 23" Luggage On The Web

Then I wanted to get a good Mesh Laundry Bag so I found the Whitmore Laundry Bag for $6.00 with Shipping on Ebay.

Whitmor Mesh Laundry Bag Ebay

With more research I knew I would want the TravelPro All In One Versapak Max Organizer and with an Amazon $25 Credit for adding a new payment I could get it for $6. This Zips into the same location as the included Garment Organizer.

TravelPro Max All In One Organizer Amazon TravelPro Max All In One Organizer Amazon

As one cannot have too many wallets for Travel I found a Barreri Cowhide Genuine Leather Wallet from a small UK Company for $10 on Ebay . Its a nice trifold wallet and looks to be of good quality for the price. Please tell me what you think,

Barreri Men's Trifold Wallet Ebay

As I wanted a Backpack made of Neoprene as my other laptop backpack was tearing I found this Backpack for $20 with a $5 off the purchase due to a previous order being delayed. Its made of Neoprene and includes a Powerbank Charger that can be charged for $6. To me it looks well built while there is no brand that I can see it looks like it will serve my purpose. Your input is greatly appreciated.

17' Neoprene Laptop TSA Backpack with Powerbank Charger Ebay

What upgrade would not be complete than with the Tumi Delta Airlines Hardshell Amenity Kit with contents. I was able to score one for $$13 with shipping included. As I read here on Flyertalk if you take it to a TUMI Store they will engrave it for free not sure if they still do but if they do I will take it there.

TUMI Delta Hardshell Amenity Kit with Contents Ebay.

Overall I am very much satisfied with my purchases and your input is most appreciated. In conclusion now is a good time to upgrade ones travel gear for when travel restarts.
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