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It could be that "R" is for "rong" in "Changrong," their Chinese name. But then "CR" would have also been available, it seems it was never used by any airline. Possibly "CR" could be associated with a "CRash" so it was avoided. And then "B" was the letter next to it... But this is all a figment of my imagination. I'm not aware of any substantiated theory how they ended up with this code, if there's one I'd love to hear it.

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Do airlines get to request their preferences (from existing codes) from IATA when they request?
Most codes don't seem to be random. Even recently Lufthansa got "4U" ("for you") for its low-cost subsidiary Germanwings. On the other hand, many newer airlines, especially in the AP region, seem to have meaningless codes, so maybe it is just random for them.
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