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Yes, a3 has to provide refunds in case of cancellations as per eu law.

but let's not forget this is a complete meltdown of the airline system that has never happens before. Ever single airline in the eu has done what Aegean has done. Paying out 3 months of revenue with 0 income would have bankrupted every single one of them.

in the grand scheme of things, your ticket doensnt matter. Sure, if you would go for it now, and sued, you'd win. But it would not come to that. They would stall you so long to the point they are sure you would go through would it and then pay up.

across the board people are waiting for refunds from all airlines. What are you gonna do never fly again? Just save yourself the hassle and the work, sit back, and use your voucher to go to Greece like you would it in the first place.

and I don't work for a3.
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