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Originally Posted by TWCLAM View Post
Unfortunately seat selection costs aren't reimbursed by BA. We all agree they should be but it's literally been tested in arbitration and it was upheld that BA do advise you that those costs are non-refundable.

See here for an article on the matter: https://www.headforpoints.com/2020/0...ection-refund/
Sorry, but that's simply not correct. You are making reference to a case where the passenger voluntarily cancelled the flight. The OP is referring to a situation where BA have cancelled the flight. BA explicitly list this as a reason for a refund:


ddschur have a look at the above link, there's a button at the end of the page that will take you to a form where you can request a refund. Seating fees are generally treated separately, so I expect you'll need to apply for that refund separately, it won't come back to you automatically as part of any fare/avios/taxes refund.
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