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Originally Posted by CryptKeeper
I will take a look at the prices. Thanks for the info again guys.

How easy is it to request exit row seats if I use telephone check-in 48hrs in advance. Will they give it to me or are they reserved for special needs and *G?
Whilst Internet Checkin is available from most stations, I believe that Telephone Checkin is only available ex-SIN. I did succeed in getting seat assignments from other stations (but not 100%), but after a while I just started using the Internet Checkin.

Exit-rows are usually handled separately because people are actually able to make an advance request for them. So the reservations system "Assigns" unnumbered exit row seats to certain reservations, for which the tally is kept so that if someone cancels their reservation, it's available for release to others too.

It's therefore quite rare that exit rows are free (maybe one or two) by the time of checkin, because most would already have been assigned by then, through the advance requests. Bulkheads, however, don't seem to apply in this case so quite often, the bulkheads are available.


Separate (small) Q to SQ experts:

Something strange happened on my reward ticket - obviously AC puts in my Aeroplan number in FQTR (redemption) because I booked the ticket with AC miles. But instead of the usual AC number, I got the SQ number displayed instead, which I have absolutely no memory of inputting separately into my reservation. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps when I updated my Krisflyer profile to include the AC number under "partner accumulation", the SQ Kriscom automatically linked the two numbers together... In any case, even without putting in the SQ number, I was able to use the internet checkin just through an AC reward ticket. Was it a one-off or is this usually the case?
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