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Originally Posted by GW McLintock View Post
I do understand that JetBlue didn't exactly treat them well. They underutilized slots, blew the curfew (sometimes multiple times a day)... it was almost like a game of chicken. And now everyone loses.
How were fares and yields from LGB? If they can get better fares from LAX, especially on transcon flights, then it's probably a win for JetBlue in the medium to long term. No longer having to worry about the curfew is a bonus, although it's not like they were violating the curfew just for the fun of it, and the low slot utilization suggests low yields, as it was better for them to prevent someone else from adding a flight rather than adding one themselves.

What will be more telling is if Southwest adds flights (if they see that there is money in LGB) or if they pull back (if they were just competing with JetBlue).
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