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Originally Posted by downinit View Post
This is 100% due to the NIMBY's in Long Beach who complained to city hall about how terrible it would be to open up a customs facility at LGB. It would have added jobs and revenue to the airport and city, and would not have had any impact to the number of flights or time of the flights. However, the squeaky wheel gets the grease...even though the wheel is usually squeaking because it is broken and in need of replacement.
I say 90%. It was also at least 10% the city council who would not stand up for themselves and will now have to explain why their airport suddenly lost half its jobs and has no flights to anyplace meaningful. The entire thing is just a mess.

I do understand that JetBlue didn't exactly treat them well. They underutilized slots, blew the curfew (sometimes multiple times a day)... it was almost like a game of chicken. And now everyone loses.

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